Chef Nathaniel Cox

Chef Nate was born on the south eastern seaboard of Australia. Raised in a vegetarian household, Nate drew influence from his mother and grandmother in the kitchen. From pancake eating competitions to carrot, tofu and sesame burgers, Nate's palate was broader than your average kids.

 At the age of 18 he commenced his career as a Pastry Chef working in an Italian patisserie and Gelato production facility. For 7 years he honed his craft, working in fine dining restaurants around Australia, learning from the highest pedigree of Australian and British Ex-pat Chefs and Pastry Chefs.

His career progressed into savory cooking and kitchen management over the years and he became a well-rounded Chef in all culinary aspects. After working aboard private yachts in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Eastern and western seaboards of the USA, Chef Nate had exposed himself to a literal world of food.

Choosing to settle in Bend, Oregon after six years sailing the seas, Chef Nate is excited to present his life of culinary achievement to those gracing the doors of the Kokanee Cafe during the summer season. With an emphasis on local and organic ingredients, Chef Nate strives to leave every customer with a fond memory of the Kokanee.

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