Joanne P.

Kokanee Cafe is an absolute delight in the middle of nowhere (or at least it seems that way when driving down at night in the dark with no idea of what the area around this lovely restaurant looks like).
We were recommended this place by a gentleman at a gallery in Bend, who had not eaten there himself but had heard many rave reviews from cutomers. As we were staying at the Suttle Lake Lodge, Camp Sherman was just a 15minute drive or so into the dark off the highway. Driving up there, we were starting to wonder whether we were really in the right location actually. There didn't seem to be any road signs and we could see nothing anywhere around us. After we finally passed some houses and then re-entered the darkness, we started to get worried. Suddenly, a little light shone ahead of us in the darkness. That light grew into one of the most charming cafes I've ever been to in Oregon.
The name cafe really doesn't do this place justice as it's more like fine dining, at least in the evening. To our surprise, even at 8:45pm, the place was packed with people (make a reservation perhaps on a Fri/Sat?).

Allison V.

The Kokanee Cafe is a gem. The wait staff greeted us in a warm and friendly manner and provided wonderful service throughout our entire meal. We ordered the champagne mussels which I cannot stop thinking about, boar ravioli and raspberry trout. We were delighted with the presentation, flavors and quality of ingredients. The atmosphere was a perfect combination of elegance and warmth! I

Ben T.

My experience at the Kokanee Cafe was beyond excellent! Got seated in a very fast, timely manor. The hostess and waitress were remarkably friendly and hospitable! We dined with 4 including a baby and they provided plenty of space without feeling crammed. The beverages were delicious and must I say the best Lamb Shank I've ever tasted!!  The beautiful back country roads and relaxing ambiance of the Kokanee was very impressive! Most definitely would recommend to anyone either living in the central oregon area or driving through, passing the Camp Sherman exit off highway 20. If you have never visited the Kokanee it is a must that you make the trip out and experience its sheer beauty of natural landscape and excellent cuisine!

Alan D.

The Kokanee Cafe is the definition of Charming. It is set in the woods on the edge of the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness Area and blends a slightly rugged setting with an unpretentiously elegant menu and service. We sneaked over Friday night from our campsite near Jack Creek for a gourmet start to the first camping trip of the season. The menu (both food and cocktail) was all fresh, local ingredients and amazing. The handmade pasta in my boar ravioli was probably the best bite of food I have had in while. And nobody cared that we had just rolled in from camping. The Kokanee is truly one of the best meals in Central Oregon - and this is a region overflowing with spectacular food.

Kristin A.

The Kokanee cafe is Camp Sherman's best kept secret. It's surprising to find this quaint restaurant with such delicious gourmet meals off the beaten path. We have been regulars for several years either eating there when we're camping or making the drive from bend. We went this past weekend to start off our summer and as usual we were very pleased with the service and our food.

Cynthia B.

We have been going to the Kokanee for years...There food has only improved throughout the years. Super friendly staff, great presentation and amazing selection. The drive out there is straight out of a travel channel episode. I highly recommend treating yourself to the "Kokanee Experience"

Lance W.

At at the kokanee café for the first time last Friday night. I have always heard things about it but I had never made the drive to check it out. Beautiful location with lots of patio dining, didn't have a reservation and they were pretty busy so I took a seat at the table by the bar, which was fortunate because it provided a great view of the kitchen

Looked over the menu and was impressed with the variety with particular interest in the scallop and the duck appetizers, and the boar ravioli and northwest seafood fettucine. My server recommended the night's special which was a grass fed filet mignon topped with seared sea scallops with a blueberry sauce. Sounded interesting so I went with the special. In the meantime I watched a number of beautiful lamb shanks emerge from the kitchen and began wondering if I should have opted for the lamb. Next time maybe, but I couldn't have been happier with my choice.

My filet came on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes and an ample portion of fiddlehead ferns, with the aforementioned blueberry sauce. I love great sea scallops but they are almost always overcooked, such a disappointment. In this case they were seared perfectly, and the flavor was subtle and fresh. It's are to find dry pack scallops in restaurants but it's worth the cost, frozen never taste the same. Excellent.

Next I tried the fiddlehead ferns, another item rarely offered in restaurants. They were delicious, firm yet tender and seasoned properly. I could have made a meal just out of them, and a healthy portion, I crunched my way through them the whole evening savoring their unique and delicate flavor. When I sampled the garlic mashed potatoes I thought the were just under salted, then the richness unfolded with a wonderful depth of flavor and I knew I was wrong, they were excellent.

Lastly I tried the filet, I ordered it rare, and it was just that. I'm usually a medium rare guy but with the delicacy of filet I prefer it rare, but sometimes it can be a bit firm if its too rare. This was awesome, wonderful flavor and tender as it should be. I was still a bit worried that the sauce was just going to be too sweet with the filet with its beautiful purple color. Wrong again. There was a pronounced fruitiness from the berries, but the sweetness stopped there, the chef had combined it with a healthy dose of veal stock with gave it depth of flavor and a rich silky texture, and I believe the blueberries had been combine with a gastrique that balanced the sweetness without overwhelming the fruit.

When I went I thought I would have a good meal. Well, I was wrong, I had one of the 2 or 3 finest dishes I've had since moving to Bend, and on par with the best dinners I've had in San Francisco and beyond. Service was prompt and very friendly. They have a very nice wine list, both by the bottle and by the glass. Heck, even the olive oil they served with the bread impressed. Fruity and delicate, so much better than you usually get at a restaurant.

I'm already planning on returning to taste the Boar Ravioli and the duck confit. Well worth the drive, and such a pleasure. Can't wait to return

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